OpenHAB is an Open Source Home Automation software platform based on Java. It stands for Open Home Automation Bus.

OpenHAB is an operating system independent Home Automation solution that basically allows you to link numerous devices made by different manufacturers to control them from a central web interface. Bindings are written for individual devices to talk to them directly which are then controlled via a Web Interface which is very customizable.

There are numerous devices supported and the list is constantly growing. Please see the OpenHAB website for more details.

Here I am only going to discus one particular binding, which is for the eBUS (Energy Bus), which is a serial bus used to talk to many German Heating systems, such as Wolfe and Vaillant. This binding is new and currently in development, however I was able to gain a lot of useful data on my heating system. Please see the articles on eBUS which I wrote earlier for more information, this binding does pretty much the same thing, the difference is in the Web Interface OpenHAB provides which allows you to tailor the interface you want to use however you wish, provided you know how to that is! There are guides to help, but due to the very open nature of OpenHAB as well as the eBUS binding, it can be hard to get to grips with to start with.

So this guide should help clear a few things up.

*** Work In Progress***

Watch this space