Download the ASDM image from Cisco (in my case it's asdm-741.bin)

Download tftpd32 and copy the above image to the tftpd32 working directory.

Run tftpd32 server.

copy tftp://x.x.x.x/asdm-741.bin disk0:/asdm-741.bin
Confirm the server, source and destination filenames, then it will start to download from the tftp server (you will see "!!!!!!")

Then enter the following:
conf t
asdm image disk0:/asdm-741.bin
http server enable
http inside (or whatever your inside host network is)

Disable old unsupported encryption ciphers and specify strong encryption ciphers, so that browsers/ASDM Launcher will allow you to connect (and generally a good practice):
no ssl encryption des-sha1
ssl encryption rc4-sha1 aes128-sha1 aes256-sha1 3des-sha1v

Access ASDM via HTTPS through your browser

Write the changes:
wr mem