Yeah that's right. Cisco released the Cisco ASAv, a fully functional ASA in a VM!

This is a completely separate product compared with other virtual appliance such as the CSR 1000v, ASA 1000v or Nexus 1000v. It's also much more useful much better than the various guides documenting creating IOS or ASA's in a vm found on various blog sites via Google. Those have issues with CPU utilization as well as severely limited route/transfer speeds so unles you use it in a lab they are useless. ASAv does not have those limits and is very scalable! Provided you license it the same way as you'd license a physical ASA (Hint: Google is your friend), otherwise it's limited to 100kbps, which is perfect for a lab.

You can read all about the ASAv here.

It turns out Cisco has produced some very nice documentation (including screenshots!) on how to deploy ASAv, so rather than writing a redundant 'how to' article, have a look at the quick start guide here

Also see my next articles on setting it up (or a physical ASA) with HA Failover!